Chase McDonald

chasemcd [at] cmu [dot] edu

My name is Chase McDonald and I’m currently a student at Carnegie Mellon University. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Cognitive Decision Science and an M.S. in Machine Learning. My research focuses on both empirical and simulated multi-agent systems and their connections to artificial intelligence and cognitive science. In particular, I am interested in cooperative artificial intelligence and the design of human-compatible autonomous systems. In my current work, I aim to use insights about human behavior to inform the development of such systems.


May 24, 2022 Joined Riot Games as a summer intern, where I will work on reinforcement learning in the AI Accelerator, Riot’s AI and machine learning applied research group.
Nov 6, 2021 I presented work on multi-agent coordination and specialization (with Thuy Ngoc Nguyen and Coty Gonzalez) at the AAAI Fall Symposium on Computational Theory of Mind for Human-Machine Teams.
Jul 1, 2021 Presented work on cognitive modeling and experiential diversity at the 2021 International Conference on Cognitive Modeling.
Aug 27, 2020 Started a Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University in the Department of Social & Decision Sciences and joined the Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory.
Dec 17, 2019 Graduated from UCLA with a self-designed degree in Computational Social Science.

selected papers

  1. ICCM
    Diverse Experience Leads to Improved Adaptation: An experiment with a cognitive model of learning
    McDonald, C., Bugbee, E., McCormick, E., Fiechter, J., Blaha, L, Lebiere, C., and Gonzalez, C.
    International Conference on Cognitive Modeling Jul 2021